Top goals of Fadil Vokrri – the football legend from Kosovo

Fadil Vokrri scored a total of 121 goals and had 363 club appearances. He began his career at the football club KF Llapi (known then as FK Lab Podujevo). He moved to FK Pristina in 1980 and played there until 1986 scoring 55 goals and making 172 appearances. Vokrri was very successful with FK Partizan from Belgrade where he scored 18 goals and had 55 appearances. He also played for Nîmes, Fenerbahçe SK where he played for the very successful coach Guus Hiddink. Vokrri was a favourite with the Fenerbahçe fans but was growing old, where he could not show what he was at FK Prisitna and FK Partizan.



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